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Party bus rentals in Albuquerque
Albuquerque, New Mexico, Party Bus
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In Albuquerque, NM, there are many things to do. If you're a sports fan, a history buff, a fan of craft beers or wine, or want to spend a night on the town, there are plenty of things to do! Suppose you're thinking about traveling to Albuquerque, NM, or you're an Albuquerque native. In that case, we can and will provide transportation services for you and the event guests you are participating in. So take a look below and check the events page to learn more about how we can turn your occasion into a memorable experience. Get a Quote

The Best Services

Here's what you can expect from our Limo Service Albuquerque and Party Bus Rentals Albuquerque, NM

Albuquerque Limo Service for Your Special Events

Albuquerque Party Bus Rentals, Limos, and Car Service You Can Count On

You've just happened upon the most luxurious provider of the finest limousines, Albuquerque party buses, luxury sedans, coach buses, and shuttles. The best place in New Mexico!

You're more than welcome to either read the great information on this page, or if you'd like to see just what kind of unbelievable vehicles Albuquerque party bus and Albuquerque limo rental offers... Follow the links just below.

Our party buses, coach buses, car service, and limo fleet are the perfect complement to your bachelor party, corporate events, airport transportation, birthday parties, and any special event where a party bus rental or limo service Albuquerque is the answer to your transportation needs.

The services that we offer are the best transportation services in all of Albuquerque party bus and limo rentals market, bar none. We've got you covered if you're heading for a wild night out at the casino. We will provide excellent transportation for a large group if you're participating in a company or leisure golf outing. We've got your back if you are interested in food and drinks and having the best party with a large number of guests. We have delivered service like this for many years, and to stay in business, we've got to keep providing quality service.

Give us a call or e-mail us if you want us to give the best transportation service Albuquerque party bus and limo rentals market provides for your function or events. All of our reservation specialists will help you in regards to listing off the types of events that we bring forth service for. So if you need assistance for your next party bus limo rental in Albuquerque or our service area, ask us immediately.

Our Fleet

An Endless Array of Luxury Limousine Party Buses and Exotic Cars

We always aim to provide total customer satisfaction, and our fleet of luxury limo buses, stretch limos, safe transportation, and professional chauffeurs will always exceed your expectations.

Not only do we offer transportation services, but we also deliver a complete experience with our vehicles and their astonishing interiors and features like beverage centers, TVs, sound systems, and all the amenities you need for your party or event.

8-passenger vans

Van & Limo Rentals

No matter what you seek, we offer you world-class party bus rentals & luxury limousine service that offers much more than meets the eye. Whether using our limousine party buses for birthday parties, wedding transportation, or a bachelorette party, maybe needing a prom party bus limo, or any other special event, you can feel confident knowing our top-notch service handles your transportation needs.

18-passenger limo bus

Party Buses

Party Bus Albuquerque, NM, delivers exemplary limo transportation services with a well-maintained & extensive limo fleet that features the best selection of party buses in Albuquerque, New Mexico, for your special events. You will enjoy limo service or party bus rentals for your special occasion by a party bus company centered on customer satisfaction and delivered by a professional chauffeur in town.

18-passenger Hummer

Hummer Limo

Our party bus Albuquerque service provides for any special occasions: Corporate transportation & corporate events, airport transportation, bachelorette parties, wedding party, sporting events, a birthday party, tours in Old Town Albuquerque, or even a field trip.


We're Here to Answer Your Questions About Limo Services, Party Buses, and How to Rent a Party Bus in Albuquerque

The following is a list of our clients' most essential and common questions about our limousines' party buses and services. However, if your question is not addressed here, you are more than welcome to email or call us to find out the answers. We are always happy to help!

The information that we need for your limo or party bus in Albuquerque is as follows: The date and time that you need transportation, how many people that you need transportation for, and finally, for how many hours you need transportation. This allows us to accurately adjust our prices to your needs which allows you to shop around and get the best price for your needs. Give us a call to help you get a cheap party bus in Albuquerque.

We do not allow cancellations at any time nor for any reason whatsoever. This is because when you reserve your vehicle, you agree to use that vehicle on X day for Y amount of time. This agreement stops us from being able to sell the limo or party bus service. If someone backs out, the party bus or another car service causes us to miss out on sales that out on a significant revenue loss.

I'm sorry, but we cannot allow smoking on our Albuquerque limo buses. We keep them to the highest standard possible for your special event. If we allow smoking in our limo buses, then that would cause us to either a) have to pay for extraneous cleaning or b) not have the nicest party bus rental services in all of Albuquerque.

Our minimal rental for a limo bus or party bus service Albuquerque is six hours. This means that you must rent a party bus service for a period of at least that. However, there are some situations in which we can lower the minimum hours. So give us a call and let us know what type of event you're having and on which day it falls, and we'll see what we can do to bring forth the best party bus rental and professional chauffeur service.

If we deliver transportation for minors, we let the person who paid for the vehicle dictate where we go. Other than that, we pick up no guests along the route, and we get the contact information of every parent for every individual child on board for that evening. We take your children's safety very seriously. All children are subject to searches before and after boarding our vehicle to ensure that no illicit substances are on the car at any time and that your children arrive at their destination safely.

Just call us a 1-505-695-2630. We'll be able to check and see if our driver found anything after the post-service routine inspection. If so, you can make arrangements to come and get it. Note: We cannot lawfully return any alcohol to part-goers so anything left behind is, sadly, gone forever.

That depends on the experience that you want to have. If you want to get up, dance, drink, have a bachelor party, a bachelorette party, and get wild, choose a limo bus! They have a nightclub vibe. For a more classy, low-key experience, choose a limousine. You can still have fun in them, but it is harder to get up and move around.

For corporate transportation, sporting events, and transportation to or from nearby counties like Santa Fe or Bernalillo, we offer transportation services in our charters and shuttles.

Enjoy our large selection of party buses and limo service with the best amenities, and certainly a perfect solution to any service in Albuquerque you might need. Call us any time, any day, and you will obtain the best professional service for your special occasion!

Our limousines, party buses, party bus rentals Albuquerque, NM, limo rental services, and other vehicles adapt to any special occasion. Every professional chauffeur is committed to driving you safely and efficiently to your destination.

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The best place and the best way to travel for any occasion

Many call and ask questions like, "I am heading to a sporting event. Can you provide a limo bus service for me?" The answer is a resounding "yes!" If you are heading to a wedding, a day trip to museums, visiting Rio Rancho or Las Cruces, assisting at sports events, or anything else, we'll be able to safely and efficiently transport all of you and your guests.

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Receptions and ceremonies
Large number of passenger bus for birthday parties

Birthday parties

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Stretch limos for a bachelor party

Bachelor Party & More

Any and all events










You'll be surprised at how affordable a limo adventure can be!

Limo Bus Albuquerque, NM, has dedicated professionals who can help you to fit all your travel requirements at an affordable price. You won't have surprise costs, because all details are described in the contract.

Our Limo & party bus rental Albuquerque services are a reliable, flexible, and cost-effective option for your events. We constantly strive to deliver top-class transportation service in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Our booking professionals will give live support 24 hours daily to take your calls and book your trips and Cheap Party Bus Rentals. We will provide you with a 100% free price quote with absolutely no obligation to you. If you like the estimation, you can accept it anytime and reserve your date and desired vehicle.

Want to inquire about pricing?

Simply fill out our form below, and our reps will be happy to get back in touch with you as soon as they can!

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Luxury Limo Buses

The limo buses that Limo Bus Albuquerque offers are of the highest quality and offer some of the most beautiful interiors that you could expect from a limo bus. For high quality limo buses outside of the area try Party Bus Rental Richmond VA and Limo Service Flint MI.

Safe Transportation

Our limo buses and luxury limousine cars are insured and bonded to the greatest extent of the law. We offer 5 million dollar liability on each and every limo bus so you and your guests will be safe.

Professional Chauffeurs

Our chauffeurs are road-tested, drug tested, and are tested in their customer service skills. What's this mean? We run scenarios to find out how our drivers would react to common situations. If they pass that, they move on to the next round.

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