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When is it going to be time to eat? We hate to say it, but oftentimes this is the attitude of many of the guests at a wedding and it will be no different at your wedding. This is no slight on you as a couple, its just that people love to eat. Do you realize that you will spend more money on the food and drink at your reception than on any other part of your wedding. You want to make sure that whoever you hire, your guests will receive quality food and drink and that everyone will leave the reception with a big smile on their face. The best way to ensure that happens is to hire a professional caterer that is known for high quality fare. In order to help you find that kind of caterer, we have provided you with a list of questions to ask any potential caterer that you interview.

Interview your Caterer Candidates and Taste Their Menus

When you make an appointment to interview a potential caterer for your wedding, make sure that part of the interview involves a taste test of many of their menu items that you will be able to choose from. Along with the taste testing, you will want to show up at each meeting armed with very specific questions that will help you in your determination of who to hire. They should be able to provide you with sample menus to review. Ask them if they specialize in any particular food. Are they known for a signature dish. If there are items listed on their menu that you are interested in but do not see as part of your taste test, ask if you can test those items at a future date. If you have a special family dish that you would like to make part of your menu for the evening, ask if this is permissible.

Make sure you go over their pricing thoroughly

What foods are more expensive? Will you pay a flat rate per plate? If so, what does that include besides the food. For instance, does the price include items like tax, gratuity, and linens? What will your caterer provide in terms of non-food items? Tables, chairs, etc. Will they also provide plates, silverware, salt and pepper shakers, etc. These are important issues to have nailed down now.

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Ask the candidate if they will be working other weddings on your wedding date. If the answer is yes, we would be wary of hiring them. Think about it, you will be sharing the staff with another wedding. You want to make sure that they are concentrating on you and you alone during the time that you have hired them. Will they setup the tables including placing table favors and place cards? Does the candidate have their own waitstaff or do they use the venue's staff? Have they ever worked at your venue? Whose facilities will be used to prepare the food?

Don't take this granted because this means they have met health standards. Also, ask if they have a liquor license which is a must if you are going to have a bar area or if they are going to be serving liquor. All of these little details are important for you to know early on. And it is also important that you ask for references from at least three past weddings they have catered. Don;t take this for granted, call them up and talk about their experience. Is there anything they tell you that could be construed as a red flag.

One or two should pop out at you as favorites. If it comes down to two and they are very close in price, let your gut kick in. At least you know that you have done your due diligence in finding the caterer who will prepare an amazing meal for you and all of your guests. Your last step is to put down a deposit and sign a contract.

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