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It was a hard decision, but you have finally decided. You are going to go with a DJ over a live band for your wedding reception. This is a huge decision that you should not take for granted. Believe us when we say that hiring the wrong DJ for your wedding will be an absolute disaster. Not only will your guests want to run for the exits, but what should be a joyful experience will be turned to tears. Also, keep in mind that a DJ's responsibility is not just to spin records or to keep the music flowing, but also serves as an emcee which includes announcing your most special moments during your reception. So, hopefully we have convinced you of the importance of this hire. What you really need to be prepared for is how complicated the process can be to finding the perfect DJ for your wedding. Here are some tips that we believe will help you along the path.

A Really Good DJ Can Work The Crowd and Truly Make Your Reception Something to Remember

Notice we said a really good DJ. The problem obviously is that for every really good DJ, there are one or more DJs that you would not want to perform at your wedding. The Albuquerque area has numerous DJs for you to consider. They range widely in experience from those that just do it on the side to those who perform at weddings weekly. Keep in mind that it is possible to find a DJ who is more of a hobbyist that can provide a level of service that is fairly close to that of an experience professional. But this is very rare and you should not expect it. Experience is a huge factor when you are seeking out your perfect wedding DJ. And when we say experience, we mean wedding reception experience. Just because someone has talent to be a DJ, doesn't mean that they would be a really good DJ choice for your wedding. This is because there are a lot of issues that a wedding DJ has to deal with that someone working a different event doesn't have to be responsible for. There is a certain flow of events that happens at a wedding reception that a professional, experienced wedding DJ will know how to deal with. And keep this in mind, if something goes wrong at your reception like the food is going to be delayed, an excellent wedding DJ can save you from any worrisome moments and keep the reception flowing nicely to the point that the guests will never even know that there was a problem.

So, Where Do You Even Begin in Looking for Candidates?

A great potential resource is your reception venue. A place like your venue will be well connected in the wedding vendor business and no doubt they have seen numerous DJs come through their doors. Sometimes this can be a real advantage as well because they will already be familiar with your venue and the staff there. If you find out that a DJ that has been recommended to you works for a DJ company, you will want to make sure that you pin down the specific DJ that will be working your wedding. You can also ask co-workers and friends if they have any suggestions on potential candidates.

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If they do, arrange a meeting to get to know them and to talk about your needs and their skills. As you are interviewing each candidate, you really want to pay attention to their personality because you want to make sure that they are going to treat you and your guests in a friendly and courteous manner. Also, talk a lot about their experience and how they like to operate at a wedding venue.

Never sign a contract without understanding all of the terms and conditions therein. You will want to read it thoroughly and make sure you ask any questions about anything you are unsure about. Good luck in your search.

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