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Think about all of the items that will be gone at the end of your wedding day. That wedding cake that you so diligently searched for will be consumed. The flowers that graced your venues and made such a pretty picture will be carried away. The live music played at your reception that provided so many awesome moments for your guests will be silenced. But the photography is one item that will live on well into the future. The question is this, are you going to want to return to those memories again and again or are you going to want to forget that you ever made sure there was a photographer there. Your answer will be based on the quality of work that your photographer does at your wedding. So, you can see that this decision will affect you for a very long time. To make sure that it all turns out well, we have provided you with some tips that are sure to lead you to the perfect wedding photographer that will have you smiling for years into the future.

When is the Best Time to Start Looking for Your Wedding Photographer?

As soon as you get engaged. Pull out all of the stops and use every source available to you in order to generate a list of potential wedding photographers. For example, ask couples you know that have recently been married whether they were satisfied with their photographer. Browse websites of wedding photographers in the Albuquerque area. Check out wedding blogs for local wedding photographers. Usually, photographers will post highlight galleries of past weddings that have shot. This provides you with some information but keep in mind that you will want to look at full wedding albums if you choose to meet with them. But for those that you take a liking to, call them up and arrange a meeting.

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You want to make sure that right up there with their skills, talents, and experience, that you actually like them and get along with them. Remember, they will be a huge part of your big day and you will be in the same vicinity for most of the day so this is very important. Have them show you their standard packages. Be very detailed oriented in noticing what is included in each package paying close attention to the number of shooting hours. Try and make sure that you have a good handle on how many hours your wedding day is going to be from the start to the finish. Then you can be more confident when you hire a photographer for a certain number of hours. The reason we make such a point of this is that overtime is usually charged at a higher rate so try and avoid this if you can.

Ask if you have the option of having a second shooter. This is something we highly recommend if you are able to afford it. A second shooter will catch angles that only one photographer would never be able to capture. Also, and this may be something that you are not aware of, but make sure that the person you are meeting with is going to be the actual person at your wedding. Ask them for three to five references and don't just put the names and numbers on your desk. Actually call each one and talk to them about their experience. This will be invaluable information for you in making your decision. You can even search for their name online and see what kind of reviews former clients have left. Last but not least, once you feel good about one particular candidate, make sure you have a contract presented to you that spells out every last little detail.

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