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One of the first decisions you have to make when you start down the path of making wedding plans is to find your reception venue. Your reception venue will be the site of most of your wedding happenings. It is where everyone will congregate to eat some amazing food, listen to some great music, dance the night away, and experience all of your special moments. So choosing this venue is one of your most important decisions. There are some absolutely amazing venues of all types in the Albuquerque area. Once you have found and booked that perfect venue, all of the rest of your wedding plans are downhill from there. Here are some tips on finding the perfect wedding venue for you and all of your guests.

The First Thing That You Need to Ask Yourself is What Type of Venue Are You Looking for

Most seekers go with a private room in a hotel or a hall of some sort. But there certainly are more non-traditional venues for you to consider as well. Places like art galleries, museums, theaters, pubs, boats and even warehouses are places that are more off the beaten path for wedding receptions. So, unless you are wedded to a traditional location, you may want to step outside the box and do something different. Usually, with the more creative venues, you will have to get a bit more creative with your setup so keep that in mind.

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Then when you visit various venues you might be interested in, have your questions ready. Obviously the first question that you will want to ask is how many guests the site can hold. What if you wanted to have your reception and your ceremony at the location, would that be permissible? What kind of pricing packages do they offer? Make sure that you find pout what exactly is included in each package. Do you have to use the in-house catering or can you bring in your own company? Some places will charge you extra if you bring in outside vendors so you will want to make sure you find this out. If you don't have a caterer and you want to consider the in-house caterer, this might be a good time to setup a time for an interview. Check out the lighting situation, this can create a horrible experience or be pleasant so it is worth checking into. Also, keep in mind that the lighting might affect your photographer and videographer so it is important to make sure that it is adequate and not too harsh. What about the parking situation? Are there ample places for everyone of your guests? What about items like tables, chairs, and linens? Will you use theirs or do you have to rent them? Find out if any other wedding receptions will be taking place at your venue at the same time. This is a dicey situation and we recommend staying away from it if at all possible. How many staff members will they have working your wedding? You may think this should be taken for granted but if they tell you 6 and you are going to have 250 guests, that doesn't sound like the right mix so you will want to ask about it.

Compare all of your visits with each other. If it comes down to a couple that you really like, let your gut kick in. If the price is right, you have found your venue. And don't forget to have both parties look at a contract that spells out every little detail. When you feel good about everything, it is time to sign on the dotted line.

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